Our company

The Team of K&K Damage Group has decades of professional experience in the restoration and prevention of fire, water and environmental damage.

Remedies, damage prevention, industrial cleaning with the most effective procedures and technologies, We do it to the best of our ability, tailored to the needs of our partners.

Our Services

Our aim is to effectively prevent damage and to minimize restoration costs in the industrial and commercial segment during the restoration of damage that has occurred.

Fire Damage Restoration

Complete restoration of surfaces directly damaged by fire and damage caused by extinguishing water.Details »

Soot and Chloride Removal

In case of fire, removal of chloride ion released during burning of plastics and soot residues from combustion.Details »

Odor Neutralization

A unique and effective procedure with a concentrate of natural ingredientsDetails »

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning and disinfection.Details »

Industrial Alpine Technology

Performance of industrial alpine technical tasks for the purpose of damage restoration and damage prevention.Details »

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can occur with standing water, an open pipe break or a hidden water spot.Details »

Building drying

By acting professionally, secondary damage (structural damage, mold, rust, etc.) can be avoided in the building as a result of moisture.Details »

Leakage Containment

The faster a water leak is discovered, the lower the cost of restoration.Details »

Mold Removal

The proliferation of molds later led to a series of health problems.Details »


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