Our Services

Fire Damage Restoration

Complete restoration of surfaces directly damaged by fire and fire water, building renovation - all in one hand.

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Soot and Chloride Removal

The professional removal of chloride ions and soot residues from the combustion of plastics and combustion in fires.

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Odor Neutralization

A unique and effective deodorising process with a concentrate of natural ingredients.

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Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning and disinfection for damage prevention and damage restoration.

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Industrial Alpine Technology

Performing tasks requiring industrial alpine techniques with qualified staff.

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Water Damage Restoration

Leak detection, water damage repair, building drying, building renovation - all in one hand.

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Building drying

A professional procedure can avoid secondary damage caused by moisture in the building (structural damage, mould, rust, etc.).

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Leakage Containment

Leak detection using the latest techniques with our experienced technicians.

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Mold Removal

Mould growth can lead to health problems and damage to building structures.

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Our aim is to effectively prevent damage and to minimize restoration costs in the industrial and commercial segment during the restoration of damage that has occurred.


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About Us

We carry out damage restoration, damage repair, value recovery, damage prevention, industrial cleaning, industrial cleaning and alpine technical tasks with efficient procedures, innovative technologies, tailored to the needs of our partners.

Our aim is to ensure the rapid and professional restoration of damage and to minimise restoration costs.

We provide effective help and advice within 24 hours in the midst of the greatest chaos.


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