Leak containment

Measuring a pipe break with an instrument.

The more accurately and quickly a water leakage point is discovered, the shorter the time that passes after the damage event and thus the lower the costs of restoration.

Excavating a conventional water leak point often involves a lot of destruction. However, with the most modern measuring technology, we have the opportunity to reveal the location of the water leak in a short time and with as little destruction as possible.

Floors and walls do not need to be carved or restored at great expense.

Leak containment specialists can provide assistance in the following areas with the most modern technology and comprehensive practice:

  • Measuring a pipe break with an instrument
  • Moisture Exploration with resistance and capacity measurement procedures
  • Pressure tests / pressure tests
  • Acoustic leakage point delimitation
  • Pipeline and channel examination with endoscopy or videoscopy
  • Infrared technique / Thermography
  • Gas and flue gas test procedures
  • Excavation of a flat roof wetting point

With the help of these procedures, our specialists have the opportunity to locate and uncover hidden defects to the nearest centimeter without causing major destruction or demolition.

Thus, for example, thanks to the instrumental measurement of pipe breaks, we can lift out high-value tiles or paving slabs in such a way that they can be put back again without damage after the defect has been repaired.