Industrielle Alpine Technische Dienste

Unsere industriellen alpinen technischen Dienstleistungen

Mit Hilfe unserer industriellen Alpintechniker machen wir unsere Arbeit in der Höhe effizient.

  • painting facades and other wall surfaces with a layer order as required
  • paint defect repair
  • full or partial corrosion protection works of industrial steel structures
  • wood protection of family and apartment buildings or painting, glazing
  • painting advertising signs
  • painting of industrial chimneys, corrosion protection works
  • water tower, chimney logo, inscription painting
  • protection of facades against graffiti
  • impregnation of wall surfaces
  • logo painting
  • painting in „extreme“ places and conditions
  • airless paint spraying from A-Z
  • sandwich panel painting (even a complete hall)
  • production of fire retardant coatings
  • sandblasting with its own free-jet sandblaster
  • technology and surface greasing
  • insulation of construction joints
  • external insulation of doors and windows
  • thermal insulation of pipes and wires
  • heat, sound and waterproofing at height, with specifically applied technology
  • glass, facade, solar panel cleaning
  • complete cleaning of factory chimney and silo storage
  • facade, roof tile impregnation, roof washing
  • high pressure cold water cleaning up to 3000 Bar
  • high-pressure hot water cleaning up to 280 Bar
  • cleaning technology, surface cleaning from A-Z
  • industrial hall cleaning, cleaning from A-Z
  • crane, crane track cleaning
  • cleaning of iron/concrete surfaces of bridges, dams, barrages, dams
  • cleaning and degreasing of ventilation pipes and filters
  • „deep”cleaning
  • clean room cleaning
  • cleaning after a fire (especially in high places…)
  • dry and wet blasting
  • cobweb relief
  • complete wood cutting works
  • removal and repair of facade or other falling plaster and other objects
  • removal of snow and ice blockages
  • risk relief of roof shells
  • removing danger from the chimney and its covers
  • design, manufacture, installation of assemblies
  • tin works
  • design, installation, repair, replacement of lightning arresters
  • demolition of iron structures
  • air engineering installation
  • design and installation of cable ladders, masts, brackets
  • antenna installation
  • demolition static reinforcements
  • greasing tensioning threads
  • repair plasters, hazard removal (falling plaster)
  • repair, replacement, production of plaster samples
  • complete renovation of facades
  • renovation of balconies and suspended corridors
  • restoration and decorative plastering works
  • existing lightning arrester repair, new system installation, old system replacement
  • construction of an electric power line
  • installation of electronic advertising media
  • chimney or design and installation of tower lighting
  • bulb and neon replacement of public buildings
  • installation of cameras
  • sound and lighting works (rigging)
  • other electrical works
  • complete bird removal (ultrasound, electric, mesh, spikes, bird repellent balloon, glue)
  • manufacture and installation of swallow diapers and artificial nests
  • Installation of advertising media
  • poster sticking
  • logo painting
  • for water towers or logo on chimneys or inscription painting
  • installation of electronic advertising media
  • painting other patterns
  • installation of decoration and decoration
  • application and removal of foils and stickers
  • placement of flags and molinos
  • professional fastening of building nets to facades and scaffolding
  • design, repair and replacement of iron structures
  • installation of cable ladders and wires
  • full lightning protection
  • painting inscriptions and logos
  • complete painting of chimneys
  • external and internal cleaning of chimneys
  • placement, replacement, repair of ladders and podiums
  • heavy corrosion protection of towers
  • dry and wet grinding of towers
  • installation of iron structure on the tower
  • electrical work
  • greasing of rollers
  • full lightning protection
  • concrete towers – water tower cleaning, concrete repair, etc…
  • installation of fall protection and movement restriction systems according to the manufacturer’s instructions (Skytec, Falprotec)
  • installation of solar systems on tent-saddle and flat roofs
  • renovation of church towers from A-Z
  • installation of blinds and shading systems according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • moving heavy weights using a rope technique
Working at heights


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