Chloride and soot removal

Formation of soot and chloride pollution

In the event of a fire, during combustion – in the hot phase of the materials – irritating, toxic gases, vapors, atomized solid material parts are generated and released in high concentration.

(carbon monoxide CO, carbon dioxide CO2, hydrogen chloride HCL – condensed hydrochloric acid, acrolein and hydrogen cyanide HCN)

Soot and ash deposits form on surfaces and objects. The soot and flue gas condensate condenses back and collides with the structure of the building, the plant’s equipment and supplies.

Subsequent secondary damage can be avoided by professional removal of soot and chloride contamination.

After fires, we carry out complete chloride and soot removal. (buildings, appliances, equipment, machines, tools…)

Our skilled staff, multi-component chemicals, industrial machines and professional tools offer an effective solution.

Chemical and mechanical chloride and soot removal ​

Dry ice soot removal

Laser soot and rust reduction

Removal of soot contamination with a multi-component chemical, foil and a soot scraper
With dry ice against soot on complex and segmented surfaces
Metal surfaces for effective removal of soot and rust caused by released hydrochloric acid vapor