Fire damage restoration, value saving, renovation

Fast and competent help in case of fire damage.

Complete restoration after fire damage, rescue after a fire, damage prevention – contact us with confidence!

Our Goal

  • restoration of surfaces directly damaged by fire
  • minimizing the damage caused by the extinguishing water
  • elimination of unpleasant odors caused by combustion processes, deodorization of surfaces
  • restoring the original state

Based on our decades of experience and expertise, we handle the complex problems that arise during fire damage carefully and professionally, in compliance with all insurance, legal and environmental protection requirements.

Our qualified employees take care of the removal of fire debris and soot, the drying of extinguishing water, as well as the complete renovation and restoration.

Damage Management Service

We undertake full-scale fire damage restoration – in close consultation and cooperation with insurers, appraisers and experts, owners and real estate management companies, partner companies, and architectural offices.

We take care of the date of the inspection, the damage assessment and the coordination of the renovation works.

Our service in case of fire damage restoration

  • Necessary emergency and immediate measures to prevent secondary damage
  • Saving stocks (furniture, chattels, machines, tools…)
  • Cleaning and cleaning, soot and chloride removal
  • Complete drying after extinguishing water
  • Deodorization, neutralization, disinfection
  • Carrying out necessary professional and construction tasks (demolition, depositing, restoration, construction, etc.)

If required, complete restoration after fire damage is concentrated in one hand with the involvement and coordination of our specialists.

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Soot and chloride removal after fire damage
Industrial coating after fire damage, industrial painting