Leak detection, pipe break measurement

Our leakage containment technician specialists provide fast help with the most modern technology and comprehensive practice.

The more accurately and quickly a water leakage point is detected, the shorter the time that passes after the damage event, and thus the lower the restoration costs. Excavating a traditional water leakage point often involves a lot of destruction.

However, with the most modern measurement technology, we have the opportunity to reveal the location of the water leak within a short time and with as little destruction as possible.

There is no need to carve the floor and walls, tear up the roofs and restore them at great expense.

Our instrumental services

  • Moisture detection with resistance and capacitance measurement procedures
  • Pressure tests / pressure tests
  • Acoustic leakage point delimitation
  • Pipeline and channel examination with endoscopy or videooscopy
  • Infrared technology / Thermography, thermal camera measurement
  • Gas and flue gas test procedures
  • Correlation method

With the help of these procedures, our specialists have the opportunity to uncover and uncover hidden defects with centimeter accuracy without causing serious destruction or demolition. 

Thanks to the instrumental measurement, we can highlight the high-value tiles or floor tiles in such a way that they can be put back without damage after the fault has been rectified.