Water damage restoration

We encounter water damage in many ways.

Soaking, broken pipes, floods, leaks, poor waterproofing… Hidden water stains start on the wall, floor, ceiling…

Which applies equally to all water damage prevention:

  • The time lost increases in direct proportion to the damage factor.
    Time savings equals cost savings.

With more than 10 years of experience, we can effectively restore moisture damage to the affected structure with as little damage as possible.

No two damage incidents are the same, so for us, in order to effectively dry out the building structure, it is essential to visit and assess the site. Objective damage data can be established with the help of moisture measurement. Based on the measurements, the method and type of detection and prevention procedures are determined.

Based on our decades of experience and expertise, we handle the complex problems that arise during water damage carefully and professionally, in compliance with all insurance, legal and environmental protection requirements.

Our qualified staff take care of drying and complete renovation and restoration.

Damage management

We undertake full restoration after water damage – in close consultation and cooperation with insurance companies, appraisers and experts, owners and real estate management companies, partner companies and architectural offices.

We take care of the date of the inspection, the damage assessment and the coordination of the renovation works.

Our Services

  • Pumping down and removing stagnant water
  • Pipeline, new buildings, wall and floor drying
  • Drying screed and insulation layers
  • Vacuum drying / water separation
  • Drying of hollow walls and wall structures
  • Drying of wood and hollow sheets
  • Drainage shafts and canals
  • Drying flat roofs
  • Hiring a powerful dryer

In all cases, we strive to leave as few traces of damage as possible so that the troubleshooting procedure can be completed as quickly as possible.

Contact us with confidence! In the worst case, we come the best.

Floor layer drying
Slab Drying
Gipszkarton fal szárítás
Plasterboard Wall drying