Odor neutralization

Is there an unpleasant smell in there? – We have an effective solution!
The most common cause of unpleasant and stubborn odors is fire damage (soot, smoke) or water damage (bathing, broken pipes, sewage).

The odor neutralization method used by K&K Kárcsoport Kft. offers an effective and unique solution against unpleasant odors.

The scientifically developed and patented product contains more than 30 different, 100% natural plant extracts. 

Unique membrane technology:
  • 100% essential oil extracted from trees, flowers, leaves and fruits
  • A patented, non-toxic mixture blocks the emission of odor neutralizing dry vapor with the help of a breathable membrane.
  • Environmentally friendly material can also be used for ozone equipment and strong chemicals
  • It can be used effectively for all unpleasant smells – especially against smoke and soot, burning smells
It offers a widely tested and proven solution:
  • For odors arising from fire and water damage
  • Safe use in healthcare (e.g. hospitals) and private buildings
  • Food smells (burnt food, fish, seafood, etc.)
  • At the smell of smoke tobacco
  • In case of fires (fire, explosion, chimney fire)
  • For heating oil
  • In the case of odors arising from plant protection products
  • When cleaning up after accidents/in case of death
  • For unpleasant odors that often occur in vehicles
  • Environmentally friendly material with essential oils
  • Ozone-free and non-toxic
  • It does not contain volatile organic matter
  • No respiratory protection required
  • There is no need to evacuate the confined space