Mold removal

The growth of molds in interior spaces is a hygiene problem that can later lead to health problems, unpleasant odors and the destruction of materials in the building.
The growth of molds is further enhanced by heat and increased humidity. There are several factors for the appearance of molds, such as moisture, temperature, pH value and nutrients found on non-organic surfaces. Therefore, the assumption that water and moisture damage can only occur with organic materials is incorrect.

Do not tolerate mold at all and take appropriate measures to remove it.

Our Services

  • Determining the size and thickness of a moldy surface
  • Laboratory tests (material test, adhesive film test, etc.)
  • Analysis (Pressure tests, Moisture measurement, thermography, etc.)
  • Restoration works (pumping, disinfection of the affected surface)
  • Drying works (drying the part of the building with mold, drying walls)
  • Cleaning works (cleaning the affected surface)

Lately discovered waterlogging and poor ventilation of living spaces often lead to mold growth.

Our specialists can guarantee a mold-free future with the help of discovering the cause and carrying out the package of measures.