Industrial cleaning, disinfection

Our qualified staff performs industrial cleaning and special cleaning tasks using innovative technologies, in accordance with environmental challenges and unique expectations.

Our services

  • industrial hall cleaning (A-to Z)
  • industrial technological cleaning, surface cleaning (A-to Z)
  • glass, facade, solar panel, roof cleaning, impregnation
  • complete cleaning of factory chimney silo, storage
  • bridges, dams, barrages, cleaning of iron and concrete surfaces of dams
  • cleaning of ventilation pipes, ducts, filters, degreasing
  • clean room cleaning
  • deep cleaning – complete surface cleaning
  • extraction and removal of industrial dust
  • cleaning preparatory to auditing
  • surface cleaning after a fire
  • cleaning cobweb relief
  • dry and wet blasting
  • high-pressure cold-hot water cleaning (up to 3,000 Bar)
  • surface disinfection with a cold-hot fogging process
  • air space disinfection with ozone technology

Our Goal

Increasing the efficiency, productivity, and profit of our customers and reducing their energy costs with environmentally friendly solutions with the best value for money industry services.
Ipari portalanítás
Industrial dust removal
Ipari tisztítás
Hall structure dust removal
Tűzkár utáni korom eltávolítás
Soot and chloride removal after fire damage
Ipari tisztítás, ipari takarítás
Hall structure cleaning
Ipari szerkezet tisztítás
Technological cleaning